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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Hi all. Last night was good fun...pretty quiet out but still managed to drink a fair bit n have a laugh before sleeping out in the car all night..very uncomfortable tho! Due to the lack of sleep last night had 2 spend much of today in bed and have just come home in the last hour. Both my phone and palm PC had arrived in the same day - magic! Fone (Motorola V600!) now on charge upstairs...am just gutted I have 2 wait 12 hours before i can play with it! Then have 2 ponce around getting O2 to transfer my number to this new Sim card if i wanna keep it!  And palm is here now...lookin for cool software for it online! Been a good day in that respect then.
  Nothing happenin tonight for a change...so tired still will be an early ish one i think....doesn't help that there is bollocks all on TV AGAIN. Not alot happenin 2moro ...or nothin planned yet should really attempt to do something constructive tho. Only thing 2 look forward 2 doing is going 2 Lee's in the evening n that's a whole 24hrs away!!!

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