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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Another day another dollar (spent)

Evenin all! Just a quickie tonight cos am in a bit of a hurry tbh. Today was alright...did nothing all morning this arvo been to Swindon shopping with my mate...1s ttime i've ever driven there - what an achievement! ...yes it did involve conquering the almighty magic roundabout TWICE!  Only went 2 help my mate find some shoes but came back with a pair of boots myself and a top and some underwear...more precious money spent but what the heck...i feel alot better for it! Literally just got in about half an hour ago..gunna gobble down some tea then start getting ready to go out...gotta decide what i'm wearing yet n everything! Will write soon! xxx

Word of the day: - Money (and lack of it)


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