A random place for me to record all my plans..memories and thoughts and them back in many a year to come!

Saturday, July 31, 2004


Hi all... Another day is done and its been an absolute scorcher today. Last night had a few drinks and camped out in the car with Lee was a right laugh but didnt sleep until about 3am so am knackered today! Not done alot thru the day got home about lunchtime and had a bit of a sunbathe this arvo but other than that nothing. Not going otu tonight as Rach has 2 work so we have 2 go 2moro instead....just a shame I have to work for 8 hrs 1st :( O well...will be something to look forward to all day whilst sat on the till! Ciao for now!

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Hi all. Last night was good fun...pretty quiet out but still managed to drink a fair bit n have a laugh before sleeping out in the car all night..very uncomfortable tho! Due to the lack of sleep last night had 2 spend much of today in bed and have just come home in the last hour. Both my phone and palm PC had arrived in the same day - magic! Fone (Motorola V600!) now on charge upstairs...am just gutted I have 2 wait 12 hours before i can play with it! Then have 2 ponce around getting O2 to transfer my number to this new Sim card if i wanna keep it!  And palm is here now...lookin for cool software for it online! Been a good day in that respect then.
  Nothing happenin tonight for a change...so tired still will be an early ish one i think....doesn't help that there is bollocks all on TV AGAIN. Not alot happenin 2moro ...or nothin planned yet should really attempt to do something constructive tho. Only thing 2 look forward 2 doing is going 2 Lee's in the evening n that's a whole 24hrs away!!!

 Word of the day - Gadgets

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Another day another dollar (spent)

Evenin all! Just a quickie tonight cos am in a bit of a hurry tbh. Today was alright...did nothing all morning this arvo been to Swindon shopping with my mate...1s ttime i've ever driven there - what an achievement! ...yes it did involve conquering the almighty magic roundabout TWICE!  Only went 2 help my mate find some shoes but came back with a pair of boots myself and a top and some underwear...more precious money spent but what the heck...i feel alot better for it! Literally just got in about half an hour ago..gunna gobble down some tea then start getting ready to go out...gotta decide what i'm wearing yet n everything! Will write soon! xxx

Word of the day: - Money (and lack of it)

And so it begins....(Part One)

Before anyone starts reading in detail I just want to make clear that this is just a place to write down all my random thoughts...kinda like an online diary if u will! Nothing in here is meant to intentionally cause offence, if it does then I'm not sorry...piss off and do something useful instead of reading this crap! :P

Monday, July 26, 2004

And so it begins...(Part Two - it really will begin this time)

Me again...now I've got all that important stuff out the way I can really get to grips with this post! Well what's there to say about life?..Since finishing 6th Form its bloody marvellous if a little boring at times! Spend my days doing as little as possible ...sleeping...watching Trisha....Seeing mates etc etc....     Can't be doing with work at the moment and they won't bloody give me any hours If i wanted them. Should be working 9-5 every day at the mo to get the required funds in the bank for Uni but it just aint happening. Got about 8 weeks to go and about £400 of debt to pay off before I even start saving! *sigh* O well!
          Not much happening tonight..quiet one I'm afraid. Tomorrow am out with mates making up for the fact that none of us went out at the weekend...don't think it's gunna be a late one or anything but def looking forward to having a few bevvies down the Oak in town! Dum de dum...not quite sure what else to write tonight so might stop typing....

This week I have mostly been listenin 2..... Maroon 5 - She will be loved
This week I am mostly plannin' to kill ....... Paula - If u know me u will know why.... *bam..pow...whack....*......bitch goes dowwwwn!  She best not be out 2moro night or there will be trouble a brewin' and I may well find myself on the wrong side of the long arm of the law!

Laterz guys... xxx

Word(s)  of the day: DEATH! (to Paula) hehe....